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Create amazing and beautiful over & underwater photographs using a Smartphone.

Become one of our Beta Product testers to get the following benefits

  • Get the product for only the handling and shipping fee of 24.90$
  • Get Back 20$ in discount once the final product is released.
  • Enjoy taking split photos using a limited unique product
  • Get access to our design team support when giving questions & feedback

What do we get out of it?

  • We will get the product tested with improvement feedback – a small questionnaire will be sent to the beta tester.
  • You will help us improve the product in the final production – the feedback can change the product design

  • When uploading the photos to social media we will ask you to TAG us SJPRO.DOME

limited amount - 24.90$ instead of 77$!!!

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Compatible smartphone size for the Mobile Mini Dome
Up to 7" 172mm X 82mm (iPhone, Samsung, LG, ex..)

Play the video & discover how easy it is to use your mobile phone and Create amazing photos

patent pending

Unique waterproof casing - touch screen works underwater

What is the Mobile Mini Dome?

The SJPRO Mobile mini Dome is an underwater Smartphone universal housing with a dome port –this Patent-pending Gizmo allows taking amazing wide field underwater photos with your Mobile phone.

The Mobile mini dome lets you use your smartphone in the water using the touchscreen and the camera, you already know how to use! 

The presented product for testing went several concepts, and the main features were changed:

Sealing case: (protecting the mobile phone) Instead of resolving to the standard hard plastic protective casing complicating the design and jumping the product cost way over 100$ on the first concept we decided on a wildly proven waterproof mobile phone pouch. See photo

Best dome port for mobile
Soft waterproof pouch concept
Best dome port for mobile
Soft waterproof pouch concept

The seal pouch concept gives good sealing protection but the ABS soft material lowers the photo quality making the need to switch to a mixed soft hard concept.

for avoiding the known touchscreen water interference, we added patent-pending spacers that allow the use of the touchscreen camera buttons without any external water interference.


For creating the magic of a split photo we add, after testing, our patent pending special sphere while reducing the size from conventional domes to a 100mm diameter sphere, this way we increased the mobility of the product.

over underwater photo dome port

limited amount - 24.90$ instead of 59$!!!

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Easy for use - Place the smartphone close the clips and use

sjpro logo simp

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SJPRO innovation, Kibbutz Matzuva, 2283500 ISR.
+1 267 546 4600

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