Beta Product test – Smartphone Dome with floating handle Grip

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Join our Beta Product testers and enjoy the following benefits:

  • For only the handling and shipping fee of $24.90, you can get the product.
  • Receive a $24.90 discount when the final product is released.
  • Enjoy using a limited unique product to take split photos.
  • Gain access to our design team support for feedback and questions.

So, what do we at SJPRO get out of it? As a Beta tester, you will provide us with improvement feedback through a small questionnaire that we will send you. Your feedback can influence the final production of the product design, helping us to improve it. When uploading your photos to social media, we kindly request that you tag us at SJPRO.DOME.

Experience the wonder of easily creating stunning over and underwater photography with the Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome (Smartphone dome port).

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Smartphone dome-port waterproof case - Mobile Mini Dome

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smartphone dome handle grip
Floating Grip handle, Monopod Stick, For Gopro & Smartphone Dome - by SJPRO

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FOGG ABSORBENT PADS - Smartphone waterproof Dome case

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  • Important: Frequently conduct a seal test to ensure the safety of your smartphone see manual.
  • To improve the product, we will ask you to notify of any problems or errors you encountered, provide suggestions for improvement, and respond to surveys.
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Sealing verification: Before use or from time to time test the waterproof seal, as instructed in the product manual, do not use the case if the case fails the test, in case of any don’t use the case if you notice any sealing problem – and notify us of the problem.

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Smartphone dome-port waterproof case – Mobile Mini Dome with floating handle Grip

Introducing The Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome, a dome-port waterproof case with a floating handle grip that allows you to take amazing over and underwater photos with your smartphone. Here are some features and compatibility details:

    • Unique accessories will enable you to take these beautiful photos using your smartphone while protecting it from getting wet.

    • No special equipment, waterproof cameras, or expensive or professional tools are needed.

    • Use your high-performance cameras on your mobile phones.

    • Waterproof Phone case level IP-68 (up to 3m)

    • Add a handle stick just like a waterproof sports camera (not included)

    • Compatible with smartphones up to 7 inches (172mm x 82mm / 6.77″ x 3.22″) – smartphone list see link.

    • Designed to fit multiple types of mobile phones/SmartPhone Under 7 inches, 20x15x5cm(7.87×5.9×1.96inch).

    • Example models include iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14 Pro Max**, Xs Max**, XR, X, 8, 7, 6S Plus SE, Galaxy S20 Ultra S20+ S10 Plus S10e S9 Plus S8/Note 10+ 9, Pixel 4 XL, and more.

**Please note, when using a large smartphone (Samsung ultra 21, 22 ex) or smartphone with a side camera, the outcome photo may need cut trim editing of the photo.

Additional information

Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 19 cm


  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I tried with POCO F4 it’s fit. No water leak. Image taken was good. There is small gap (few micron) between dome and its base. This gap make water penetrate, must use very thin tissue paper to dry that area. Floating grip comfort to handle.

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