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Create amazing aerial photographs with your GoPro or compatibles without a need of expensive drones, have fun flying haver/flay way up to 20min* and keep silent (* depending on the wind stability)

Experience a great fun enjoyable family sensation using the Fun to use Professional Camera kite by SJPRO

  1. The professional kite is a mid-sized wing, 180x80cm.

  2. For clear safety reasons, the kite has no rigid frame.

  3. Packed in a pouch the size of an A4 page

  4. Simple to operate and travel

  5. Impressive when deployed

  6. The kite can be operated by one operator using an anchor to the ground (or – recommended 2 Operators).

  7. The kite comes with a 100m long wire rolled with a quality roller

  8. The kite comes with a glove for preventing injury by the wire tension.

  9. For aerial photography and special and impressive angles Photos the kit comes with a simple bracket for connecting a camera such as a GOPRO or a mobile phone of up to 250gr of weight.

Kite’s components
  • Professional wing Kite 180cmX80cm

  • Strong 100m string

  • A string roller

  • Stability tail 5-10m

  • A glove for string handling

  • A pouch for the kite

  • A bracket adapter for the camera

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