Obsolete on our 10 year old "SJPRO Split Shot dome"

Sase of production notification 2021 - notification for our product line "SJPRO Split Shot dome"

Seas production for SPLIT SHOT DOME – however as always we continue our support for all our customer with our domes with technical information and replacement parts for many years to come.

An extreme camera accessory for creating over underwater photos – SJPRO’s SPLIT SHOT DOME

“Creating an over underwater photos has never been so easy and accessible” –  Jeff Van-Toan, Professional scuba photography

SJPRO Introducing its new Dome Port series, SPLIT SHOT DOME Suitable for a variety of extreme cameras as GoPro, SJCAM, XIaomi, and more.

SJPRO Dome Port Pro/SJ/YI semi-hemispherical dome port is one of the best and advanced accessories available for extreme cameras. Moving the waterline away from the lens improves the underwater image quality and functionality.


SJPRO’s Split Shot Dome makes it possible to capture images both above and below the water simultaneously. These are often referred to as half and half, 50/50, over-under, or split-level pictures.

Instead of high-end camera equipment for creating these images. You only need your extreme camera and SJPROs Dome, Equipped with a toggle on/off switch for the camera the Dome port is simple to operate, Creating great results with nearly infinite depth of field, wide-angle lens, and video/still image quality using the extreme cameras like GoPro, SJCAM, Xiaomi…


Unlike other Dome ports, SJPRO believes in enabling you to evolve with your one products, switching from extreme camera to other models has never been easier and cost-effective. Simply by changing one component you can adapt the type of extreme camera to your Dome Port from SJCAM to Xiaomi to GoPro and more.

The SJPRO Dome provides access to mode, power, and shutter control buttons while installing. The cut-away backer bar allows the user with a view and interacts with the rear-LCD screen on the GoPro camera or alike. There is also a custom white waterline indicator in front of a selfie (using the proper accessories) and on the backing plate to assist in getting the perfect over undershot.

SJPRO provides full technical assistance as well as spear parts and accessories to create the perfect experience.


  • Control on turn on/off toggle between the various camera option when the camera is mounted.
  • Compatible DOME with various cameras – GOPRO, SJCAM, XIaomi (replacing one item)
  • Uses the original waterproof cases.
  • The camera can be detached in the water.
  • Spare parts for damaged parts as the dome seals ext.
  • The Dome can evolve, you can use the dome on a different type of cameras by replacing the seal
  • The only DOME that is sealed to the water and does not have a cavity for fixing the camera.

Dome Port series Introduced by SJPRO;

SJPRO’s Split Shot Dome PRO 4 – suitable for GoPro 3+ 4 Cameras

SJPRO’s Split Shot Dome PRO 5 – suitable for GoPro 5 Cameras – 

following by:

SJPRO’s Split Shot Dome SJ5 suitable for SJ5000, SJ5000WIFI, SJ5000PLUS, SJ5000x, SJ5000x Elite Cameras

SJPRO’s Split Shot Dome SJ4 – suitable for SJ4000, SJ4000WIFI, SJ4000PLUS, Cameras

SJPRO’s Split Shot Dome Yi  suitable for XIaomi Yi Cameras

More model is in production.


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