Warning and important to know

Usage warnings

Improper use of this product can expose the user to multiple risks of injuries and even death. SJPRO’s product’s, providers, managers, employees, or owners are not responsible for damage to property or injury to the body, including death, due to self-usage and not in accordance with the provisions and warnings and recommendations using the Kite and related products. the kite, string, and roller device may be dangerous to the user and to their surrounding. Be cautious and serious when choosing a place for using the Kite. During the use of the products, you are responsible for your surrounding and personal safety.
Activities using the Kite may involve risk. Keep in mind and remember the following warnings when using the Kite.

  1. Look for advice and help from a professional guide or experienced user, misuse of the kite may end in injury or death 

  2. Do not use the Kite near poles or high voltage cables, airports, Buildings, and ex…

  3. Keep your control roller string away from people passing by and of obstacles, at any time.

  4. A stretched ruining string may cause uncontrolled cuts.

  5. Always fly the kite in an open area and pay attention to weather conditions.

  6. Do not use Kite on a rainy day for fear of lightning.

  7. Don’t use the kite near to landing airfields or low air traffic rots.

  8. Spend time to familiarize yourself with the use of the Kite and remember that you are responsible for the safety of those around you.

  9. Work within your personal capabilities and do not exceed them.